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Rise, the great work must be done!

The following courses were completed and certificates were issued:

DEV210.2x: Intermediate C++ (Certificate available here).

DEV274x: Introduction to Python: Fundamentals (Certificate available here).

The second year project was entirely decided by the students. No topics or instructions were given by teachers. I was working with another group of students this year and we decided to build a sign language translating glove. The project's archive could be accessed here.

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It was a one-week course on JavaScript, Node.js and JavaScript frameworks and took place in Oxford, England. I designed an online accounting system using Node.js. It contained both the frontend and the backend (available here).

It was summer again! I started learning driving and got my license in September. I was also teaching English at my hometown during the summer.

The first version of the website was a static one and was deployed using the AWS S3 storage service. The certificate was issued using the AWS Certificate Manager.

The configuration was rather complicated and I would personally not suggest first-time users to adopt such approach.

On the 2nd of April, 2017, I lead a group of 5 students to Cambridge for a competition called the PiWars. We got the 7th position in the competition. One thing to notice is that our score was 204 and the 4th position in the Piwars was 207. Our team was so close to the 4th position.

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Just for exploiting the potential the previously mentioned Minecraft server. VPN is for securely browsing the internet while in a public open network like StarBucks. The VPN service is set under Windows Server Operating System.