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2019 UK Graduation Trip

During October of 2019, my family went to the UK to join the Commemoration Day to celebrate my graduation from Imperial College London as an undergraduate student. The post covers day 1 to day 5 of the trip. For day 6 to day 9, please refer to this link.

Day 1

Morning: arrival.

Afternoon: Imperial College London South Kensington campus, Hyde Park.

West Kensington Tube Station (1/2)

West Kensington Tube Station (2/2)

Day 2

Morning: River Thames, Tower of London, Tower Bridge.

Afternoon: British Museum.

Evening: Oxford Street, Regent Street.

London Tower Bridge (1/2)

London Tower Bridge (2/2)

Tower of London

White Tower

Tower Bridge, view from the front gate of Tower of London

One piece of art among the collections in the British Museum

Oxford/Regent Street 1/2

Oxford/Regent Street 2/2

Day 3

Morning: Oxford.

Afternoon: Windsor Castle.

Oxford University

Oxford, St Gile’s

Chicken dinner?

Little river through Oxford

Windsor Castle 1/4

Windsor Castle 2/4

Windsor Castle 3/4

Windsor Castle 4/4

Town of Windsor, view from the Windsor Castle

Town of Windsor, with the statue of the Queen

Day 4

Morning: Cambridge.

Afternoon: Big Ben, Palace of Westminster.

Cambridge Railway Station

Town of Cambridge

The River Cam 1/3

The River Cam 2/3

The River Cam 3/3

St. John’s College, Cambridge University

One of the buildings at Cambridge University

Palace of Westminster

Westminster Abbey

Near the Palace of Westminster

River Thames

London Eye

Day 5

Commemoration Day!

Me in gown, ready for graduation ceremony!

Queen’s Tower, Imperial College London South Kensington Campus

Graduation ceremony at Royal Albert Hall

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