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Originally my cellular plan cost 40 dollars per month with 6GB of data, which was a good deal if all that data were used. I do not travel outside the campus and the dorm very often. 6GB data seemed too much.

Plus I was being constantly bombarded by the Google Fi advertisement on YouTube. Since I do not need all that much data, Google Fi seems to be a good choice for only 20 dollars a month plus 10 dollars per GB of data if I use the data.

Google Fi has global coverage and charges the same as in U.S, except making phone calls and texting messages. But still, the price is reasonable.

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Recently an email from GitHub stated that using OAuth credentials in query parameters has been deprecated and will be removed July 1st, 2020. While the existing comment system, Gitalk relies on OAuth credentials. Therefore Gitalk will be replaced. Disqus is a popular comment platform across the globe and it seems reasonable to give it a try.

On the 1st of December, 2019, I went to Houston and took the JLPT N3 Exam in Rice University. The exam tests my ability to use the Japanese language.

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